Rabu, 09 Juli 2014

Summer Short

What is summer without Sea view? lol, i am on my other hometown. So i decide to take a picture . and take a look

 Wearing: Black Basic Top
UNIQLO flower short
Jeremy Scott Shoes

Hope You Guys Have a very very nice summer ... Kiss And Love ECMET


Kamis, 03 Juli 2014


Hii guys ... i am here again ... very very long time no see guys .... this summer is very different .. usually my friends is excited to go home here in Manado but i don't know why they maybe have a different feelings to go home .. Lol .. btw i am home .. and now i am going to show you guys the review from all the work that i have done lately .. but it just the casual look , i am not putting some work that you maybe saw on my Instagram , because its not so casual .

I am so happy because the final exam is done , and i am ready to go to the next semester , yay!

Take a look  at my work ^,^

I Create almost all the things like the Leather Pants the shirt , the Sneakwedge , hat , almost all .
i think when i gather them all around like this , it can show my style in design and how i project myself to others . thank you hope you enjoy it

have a very very Great Summer Holiday Guys .
Keep doing your best
see you next time


Senin, 24 Februari 2014

The Must Have

Ripped Jeans
It just like , everybody need this on their closet, like .... my God , cuz it look great on most people ..
I got inspired by one of the top designer Maison Martin Margiela , and one of a Blogger 
Sandy (Big shout out to him ) check him out on Here!!!!
he is recently update his look with ripped jeans and i really really like it . 
So because of it , and because almost all of my friend has that kind of thing, so i'm thinking 
''how the way to get ripped jeans/pants without spend money ?''

and i came out with DIY idea Hope you guys like it

 Hat : Unbranded
Blue Tee : details
Necklace : DIY
Spiked Ripped Pants : DIY
Shoes : Adidas 

NOTE: it is actually a stretched pants that textured like denim but not really denim , cuz i only have one denim pants on my closet , and i don't really want to ripped it *momwillbesoangry . you can see at the yarn that coming out is not like a denim , but i still like it , Remember ripped your old pants and make it new , or if you have a lot of budget buy new one. it's up to you  :D
Enjoy , and if you have any requests or any questions drop on the comment sections below , and see you guys later 

don't forget to check my Instagram : @ecmet09  :)


Kamis, 20 Februari 2014



Hi Guys , its been a loong time A? 
udah lama gak ngepost lagi .. now i'm in Bandung again , doing all the college stuff atc. , it's more fun now . lol , 

Enjoy my lil snips snaps A ...
I love being crazy in front of Camera.. :) *sorry 

Nail Ring :H&M
Silver Geometric Midi Ding : Bling
Silver Bangles F21

I Love Gold Stuff , But now i think Silver Accessories is cute too .. Lol..

this one is for Today.
Have a Nice Journey.



Sabtu, 08 Februari 2014

A Classic Gift

Maybe some people called it 'boring' , but for me its a very very classic and eternal way to give someone you love a flower . Valentine is coming guys .. what  gift that you had planned to give to your love ones ? Or you are the single ones maybe you will ive it to your best friend ... 
flower is one of the most classic gift on valentine's day . other than Chocolate of course.. 

In case of valentine's day , i step by yesterday to a Valentines Bazaar which is held in Manado Town Square (a.k.a. Mantos) cuz my friend FeFo had a pretty stand 

they sell flower.. check how cute and pretty they are ..

OMG .. Cute right ? they sell flower crowns too ...

NOTE : all the hand bouquet , flower arrangements and flower crown are hand made , and this is her, the artist follow her on instagram to get now her more

INSTAGRAM : @trifenam (Tarloda Florist)

dan untuk teman teman yang ada di Manado .. mampir , and check all the amazing things there ...
at atrium MANTOS 1 , 1st floor ..